MRNlex brings together in a single project of legal support to companies the skills and experience gained in different areas of commercial and corporate law, insolvency law, real estate law, public and private procurement, credit management and protection, contractual and non-contractual liability.

Assistance is provided to collective and individual companies, entities, national and international real estate groups, investment funds.

Commercial and corporate law, business litigation and corporate governance; contracts and agreements.
Assistance to businesses undergoing crisis situations through the use of the instruments offered by bankruptcy law.
Contractual and judicial assistance in the field of public and private procurement and related matters
Issues related to the management of real estate assets, commercial and hotel leases.
Manufacturer's liability, corporate civil liability, credit damage, banking malpractice, data treatment, medical responsibility.
Credit management, protection and recovery for financial institutions and private parties.
Out-of-court advice and judicial assistance in the management of traditional problems of civil law.
Public works, services and supply contracts in the public and private phases, for public entities and private businesses.