Manufacturer’s liability, corporate civil liability, credit damage, banking malpractice, data treatment, medical responsibility.

Tort and Liability

The Firm has specific expertise in the area of contractual and non-contractual liability, with a wide experience related to different types of clients – businesses, public entities and non-profit organizations, and physical persons.

In the area of contractual liability, the Firm mainly offers judicial assistance in typical cases of breach of commercial and civil contracts. The Firm also has specific expertise in the area of liability of directors and auditors of companies, recognized organizations and associations, foundations and non-recognized associations.

In the field of non-contractual liability, the Firm has provided legal assistance on the one hand to manufacturers, insurance companies and data controllers, and on the other to injured parties, in relation to:

  • manufacturer’s liability
  • medical responsibility
  • liability for financial and insurance products, savings protection
  • data treatment issues; privacy violations